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The Disruptive Warrior
The Hero's Journey to Corporate Actualization

Something is missing. You, the CEO of your own business, feel like you are at a crossroad. You see all the changes that are occurring in your industry yet, you doggedly remain transfixed on the linear growth path that you were told to follow.


Perhaps you are a recent MBA or a small business owner trying to remain abreast of all the new business findings but, at the end of the day, you feel a longing for change – an ability to breakout from the path and follow a road less traveled. You may be a hero looking for a new journey.

The Disruptive Warrior is your impetus for change - for finding a better way to grow your business. That process of understanding your situation, learning ways to overcome obstacles and leverage opportunities, and, finally, implementing this knowledge for change has all the makings of a hero.

This book is written from the perspective of a hero’s journey – a framework that is best described by Joseph Campbell and has been used in countless story arcs including stories about religions, famous generals (Homer uses this story arc in The Odyssey) and, most recently, Star Wars.

Throughout this book you will be led by examples – actual clients that I have worked with over the last 3.5 decades. Some have succeeded while others, for any number of reasons, have failed. Your objective in reading this book is to learn from both the successes and failures – thereby, hopefully, increasing your chances to achieve overall business glory.