LTV Dynamics is an aggressive business strategy and sales management consulting firm that focuses on exponentially increasing  business revenues and growing corporate value.  We are adept at growing your sales pipelines and increasing your sales win rates through a combination of innovative, behavioral and scientific methods. 

In an era where every sale is important, we are equipped to ensure your business success!

Strategic Innovation
1-Day Session

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same action time and time again and expecting different results. Conversely, innovation is looking at the opportunity through a different set of lenses - finding new ways to overcome existing and anticipated obstacles.


Brad Dawson works with business owners to view their opportunities and challenges in a different way. And, unlike traditional strategic planning efforts which accomplish no more than a pile of meaningless paper, Brad's approach follows a simple exercise: matching customers to quantifiable value propositions.


Because, at the end of the day, business is all about making money!


Unlike traditional planning sessions that can drag on for weeks, the entire strategic planning exercise is accomplished in 1 day. 

And, no, this is not a gimmick. It is actually based on following many of the performance business metrics that Brad has developed and compiled over the last 40 years. In a real sense, Brad's approach and resulting outcomes is based on pure analytics - a keen understanding of what constitutes a "perfect" organization.

Sourced Sales Management
Guaranteed Growth!

Sourced Sales Management is an guaranteed way for business owners to better control, target and achieve higher levels of revenues. Most sales philosophies follow the premise that "more effort yields more revenues". In fact, this approach fails on several levels as "shot-gun" approaches to market waste resources and minimize the value of a long-term customer relationship.

Early on, LTV Dynamics developed a unique way to both view the viable potential market and, more importantly, find ways to close on these opportunities with little, if any, wasted company resources.The key is identifying and leveraging a company's unique set of customer attributes - those aspects within an potential target that can predict not only a "sold" opportunity but, quantify the value of the customer relationship over a normal customer cycle. It should be no surprise that LTV Dynamics stands for Life Time Value (LTV).

To be effective, however, the business must have met certain operational and financial benchmarks. For instance, the best success using this approach requires that a business have gross annual revenues in excess of $3.0 million.


And, while the same metrics and methods can be used for start-ups, there is a period of "trial and error" as new value propositions and customer types are tested. Overall, however, where a viable customer history exists, this process can be implemented relatively quickly and show results almost immediately.